Acer palmatum G-J

Garnet (dissectum)
A vigorous cultivar with bright red leaves. The colour holds well and deepens as it goes into summer. Autumn colour continues as bright red.

Gassho (medium)
A strong-growing cultivar with rather plump mid-green leaves and red tips to the lobes in spring.

Geisha (small)
Variegated leaves have a base colour of light and dark green overlaid with shades of pink and rose-red in the spring. The growth habit is rather lax whilst autumn sees the leaves change through orange, pink and finally, crimson.

Gekko nishiki (medium)
Bright yellow spring foliage with the tips and leaf margins pink-red. The base colour darkens in summer with the margins fading but the leaf tips remain red. Autumn colour is orange.

Germaine's Gyration (dissectum)
Coarsely-toothed, long, narrow lobes are not as dissected as most cultivars in this group. Fast-growing with mid-green leaves changing to reddish-orange in autumn, the vigorous growth causes the shoots to twist and intertwine.

Golden Pond (medium)
A wide-spreading, multistemmed plant with greenish-yellow leaves in spring and summer turning to brilliant yellow in autumn.

Goshiki shidare (dissectum)
A variegated cultivar very similar to Beni shidare Tricolor. Reddish-green leaves are variously marked with pale pink and cream but are often lacking in young plants.

Green Globe (dissectum)
Green leaves, heavily tinted with bronzy-orange turn yellow in autumn. Vigorous, semi-upright shoots produce a rounded form taller than wide.

Green Mist (dissectum)
Very lacy, mid green leaves on a semi-vigorous plant. The outstanding feature of this cultivar is the chrome-yellow and scarlet autumn colour.

Groundcover (small)
It does exactly what it says on the label! Initially rounded but eventually becoming a very low- growing and spreading plant with the classic palmatum colours of green in spring and red in autumn.

Harusame (medium)
A vigorous, initially upright plant that gradually spreads with age. Of the two forms of this cultivar, this is the non-variegated and more attractive one. Bright orange-red leaves with lighter, orange-yellow mid-ribs in spring. Summer growth is brighter and fades through pink tones to green with yellow to red in the autumn.

Hatsukoi (medium)
A vase-shaped variegated cultivar similar to Beni schichihenge but with softer pink margins.The colour holds well thoughout the summer and darkens in the autumn.

Heartbeat (dissectum)
A recently-introduced Australian cultivar with bright red leaves that slowly take on bronze tones with a red margin in summer and change to glowing red in autumn.

Hi no tsukasa (large)
Large, palmate leaves are bright red in the spring, darkening in the summer and changing to red and scarlet in the autumn. Vigorous and upright when young but gradually spreading with age.

Higasayama (large)
Probably the most spectacular spring colour of all maples; this cultivar rivals many flowering shrubs. As the buds open, the bud scales elongate and are a bright pillar-box red. At the same time, the tightly furled leaves on the lengthening petioles are creamy-yellow, giving the overall impression of being in flower. Once fully open, the narrow-lobed leaves are green with a broad margin of cream overlaid with rose-pink.

Hime shojo (medium)
Deep purple-red leaves in spring that show green undertones when shaded by other leaves. Vigorous growth on young plants produces numerous side shoots bearing smaller, slightly distorted leaves to quickly give a very twiggy look. Autumn colour is bright red.

Hondoshi (large)
A strong-growing, spreading cultivar with large, firm-textured dark green leaves. New growth in the spring emerges bronzy-pink.

Hooftman 'A' (medium)
A reticulatum cultivar similar to Peaches and Cream. Pink leaf tips continue along the margins and suffuse into the centre of the lobes. Summer growth has an overtone of orange-pink across the whole leaf.

Hoshi kuzu (small)
One of the few dwarf cultivars with variegated leaves. Small star-shaped green leaves are irregularly covered with pale cream-green; sometimes a whole leaf or just part of one lobe. New growth in spring will show a pale pink margin.

Irish Lace (dissectum)
Small leaves open in shades of rusty-orange to pink and gradually fade to grey-green with bronzy-pink margins. Autumn colours range from red to gold on a very flat growing plant.

Itami nishiki (medium)
A variegated cultivar related to Butterfly. Green leaves have irregularly-shaped cream margins with a border of orange-pink.

Jiro shidare (medium)
Small, yellow-green leaves are tipped red-brown when they open in the spring. New growth is initially upright but long shoots eventually become pendulous resulting in a rounded, cascading plant.


Acer palmatum

Acer japonicum/shirasawanum